March 7 – Today’s Featured Quilts

from: Casie Braun Williams: “Veterans quilt for my husband — these are his favorite colors!”

from: Sue Redfern: “Paper pieced diamond quilt”

from: Candi Wesaw: “This is in progress, saw a herringbone design I liked and this is what I designed as a result of seeing that one, Please visit my artpage, for more of my work;”

from: Candi Wesaw: “Hi all, LOVE this page! I saw some jigsaw quilts the other day and wanted to share one I made awhile ago. Will post the one I’m working on soon. Please feel free to visit my artpage…kope you’ll ‘like’”

She Starts With Four Patches And Half Square Triangles... The End Result Is Stunning!: Click “Next Page” below!

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