18 Quilting Bee Photos That Showcase A World Lost to Time

Not only do we now do nearly everything on sewing machines, but the very idea that your friends and neighbors would gather to help you is a long gone idea for most of us. But, going to the store and buying a new comforter simply wasn’t an option for our ancestors, so they had to make what would adorn their beds.

Apache reservation quilting bee

Apache reservation quilting party, 1913. Via/ Flickr

Quilting bee

“Ladies of the Helping Hand society working on quilt. Gage County, Nebraska, 1938.” Via/ Library of Congress

Quilting bee

“Housewives in Tygart Valley, West Virginia, have weekly group meetings in home economics. Here they are quilting, 1938.” Via/ Library of Congress

Quilting bee

“Quilting in sharecropper’s home near Pace, Mississippi, 1939.” Via/ Library of Congress

migrant mother quilting

Migrant mother, 1939. Via/ Library of Congress

farmer boy pattern on quilting bee quilt

Farmer boy quilt pattern on quilting bee quilt, 1939. Via/ Library of Congress

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