As If We Didn’t Love The Pinwheel Block Enough, Now You Can Make It In 3D!

There is no doubt in our minds (or likely yours either), that we absolutely love pinwheels! Pinwheels are definitely a go-to in the quilting world and for good reason as they are just so much fun to make and so widely enjoyed!

Well, with that said, we are having more fun with pinwheels today, as one of our favorite crafters, Vanessa at the Crafty Gemini shows us how to make an easy 3D Pinwheel block that literally just jumps right off the fabric!

As we all know, the Pinwheel block is already quite versatile, and adding another dimension to it really just gives us another great way to incorporate it into our future quilting projects. Go ahead and check out the following video tutorial to see just how simple it is, and then give it a shot for yourself!


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