5 Free Christmas Quilt Patterns

With fall fast approaching, it’s definitely not too early to start talking wintertime quilts specifically, the Christmas kind. Now’s the perfect time to start working on those holiday projects, and we’ve found five fun patterns free to boot! to help add some inspiration.

Christmas Cookie Quilt from Damsel Quilts & Crafts

What’s the best part of this pattern? Not only is there a blueprint for making a beautiful quilt, but there’s a recipe for Christmas cookies as well! This pattern calls on cookie cutter-like patterns to create squares of “cookies” on the quilt trees, gingerbread men, snowmen, and more. It’s quite a bit of work, but the finished product is simply spectacular especially when paired with freshly baked cookies, of course!

5 Free Christmas Quilt Patterns

Photo credit: Damsel Quilts & Crafts

Snowman Snow Days from Quilt Inspiration

What’s Christmas without some snowmen? A unique pattern of pieced snowmen that could serve as decor throughout all of winter, this was originally designed for A.E. Nathan fabrics. Piecing creates the illusion of both snowmen and snowflakes, which creates a nice palette of cool blues that is perfect for the season. You can download both pages of the pattern right from Quilt Inspiration’s website just scroll down a bit.

5 Free Christmas Quilt Patterns

Photo credit: Quilt Inspiration

Lovely Design’s Lovely Little Forest Quilt from The Purl Bee

Though the pattern for this quilt makes something more of a wall decoration, the idea leads to really simple and sweet quilt. Classic geometric trees set in white squares, contrasted by gradient greens and varying patterns for that pop of color. The yellows near the top could even be swapped out for light and dark reds, to really make the Christmas theme known.

5 Free Christmas Quilt Patterns

Photo credit: The Purl Bee

Not Even a Mouse from Clothworks

In addition to decorating your tree with ornaments, decorate your quilt with some, too. Get a mixture of leafy and plaid patterns (red and green, of course) to mix and match in the ornaments, and you’ll have a beautiful collection of squares for a seasonal quilt.

5 Free Christmas Quilt Patterns

Photo credit: Clothworks

Advent Calendar Quilt from Ahhh Quilting

So, this isn’t a traditional pattern exactly, but this blogger gave detailed descriptions about the process of making this advent calendar quilt. From sewing pockets onto the front to what was appliqued and everything in between, the instructions are pretty easy to follow and the idea is just too inventive and clever not to mention. This would be great as a decorative hanging quilt with little messages or gifts inside the packages on the quilt, and there is tons of room for creativity with fabrics and colors.

5 Free Christmas Quilt Patterns

Photo credit: Ahhh Quilting

We’ll keep sharing Christmas patterns, as there are tons of quilts, stockings, table runners, and tree skirts to be made!

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