7 National Charities That Accept Quilts

Making quilts isn’t just a way to let your creativity shine – it can also be a great way to help people in need. We’ve gathered a few national charities that will gladly take quilts as donations, helping people feel warm and comfortable through tough times.


These are a select few organizations, but there lots of local and national charities that need donations like these. Hospitals and shelters everywhere would likely love new quilts – simply call these local organizations to see if they’ll accept these kinds of donations. Or, check out the ones below — some of which even have patterns on their website.

  1. Project Linus

    This well-known organization has been donating blankets to children in need since 1998, and in that time has given out millions of comforting blankets. Lots of local chapters are scattered throughout the country, so you can search the website’s map and find a drop-off site close to you.Click here to visit the website.
  2. Quilts of ValorThis organization is dedicated to donating quilts to veterans, offering them comfort on their return home. This charity has given away nearly 100,000 quilts to soldiers and veterans, and offers specific instructions on its website on what to do/not to do when crafting a quilt for these brave men and women.Click here to visit the website.
  3. Quilts for KidsDedicated to giving comforting quilts to children’s hospitals, Quilts for Kids has chapters across the United States. You can donate your own handmade quilts – made nice and sturdy to handle hospital washings – or even volunteer at a local chapter. Quilts for Kids recently partnered with Downy, which helped get 20,000 quilts donated to hospitalized children.Click here to visit the website.
  4. Victoria’s QuiltsThis organization takes donations of handmade quilts and then gives them to cancer patients and cancer treatment centers. The website offers specific sizes for baby, child, and adult quilts, and simply asks that you sew a provided label onto the quilts before sending them off to patients. Originally started in 1998 in honor of Deborah Rogers’s sister-in-law, Victoria, this charity has made countless donations to people of all ages.Click here to visit the website.
  5. Northwest Quilters’s Comforting QuiltsThis organization accepts all kinds of donations, from infant quilts to give to fire stations to lap quilts for nursing homes. There are some brief guidelines about quilt size and construction, and thousands were donated last year alone.Click here to visit the website.
  6. Sweet Pea ProjectDedicated to donating blankets to hospitals and birthing centers, this center makes blankets for babies who are stillborn. Parents who experience this devastating loss can still spend time with their swaddled baby, later getting the blanket as a keepsake and memory of their child. So far, this organization has donated 6,000 blankets of comfort to all 50 states as well as a few other countries, too.Click here to visit the website.
  7. Wrap Them in LoveThis charity donates quilts to children both locally and internationally, and it is always getting requests for handmade blankets. You can either send blocks or whole blankets, and this organization will distribute them to children experiencing tough times.Click here to visit the website.

There are so many more organizations both big and small that would eagerly accept handmade, new quilts to donate to babies, children, the elderly, and other people in need. Whether you pick one of these charities or something more local, your comforting and beautiful quilt will mean a lot to whoever receives it.

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