A Beautiful Quilt in Search of a Pattern: July 13


One very interesting endeavour for quilters is to try to find a pattern source for a beloved quilt done long ago. Many of us who are prone to attacks of feng shui cleaning and “organization”, or too-frequent moving, may lose track of patterns. We can look at a fantastic quilt we did years ago and want to do it again, but can’t find the pattern. Sometimes even online searches prove really hard.

Beverly Castellacci-Aguilar created this stunning beauty back in the late 1980’s. The pattern came from a quilting magazine and she is sure it was called “Garden Wedding”. The pattern she had was just for the scrappy interlocking octagons. She created the amazing applique floral border herself.

So, can anyone find a pattern source, in a scrappy layout, for the quilt body? One of our readers suggested that the pattern might be “Garden Maze” but most all the patterns for it use larger solid color pieces. We did find one “Garden Maze” pattern that was scrappy and looked close to Beverly’s but didn’t have the delightful crisp, but yet vintage-look fabric layout of Beverly’s.

We agree with one of our readers about the quilt, “This is so beautiful. I love the combination of geometric piecing and flowing applique.

So, readers, can anyone find a pattern source?

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