A Beginner’s Guide: Choosing The Right Fabric For Your Quilt

We know that we have a wide array of readers, everything from the complete novice to the quilting pro, so we love to share a variety of content that meets everyone’s needs when it comes to our favorite craft.

With that said, from time to time, we like to offer resources for those of us who are new to quilting (because we want everyone to know the joy of quilting!) and today is one of those days and there are no topics too beginner!

The following video from Quilty is a great resource on which fabric is the best to use for your first quilt. Although you can use a wide variety of fabrics (including old tee shirts, sheets and even jeans), Mary and Rebecca go over the optimal fabric to use.

Even if you have been quilting for years, it is worth the watch; you just may learn something new!


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