A Bit More of Caterday

We love Caterday. Cats help us quilt. Dogs give final approval. Thanks go to Dayle, Rebecca, Becky, Janine, Casandra, Pia, Gracie, Chip and everyone else for joining in the fun. More next Caterday!

from: Dayle Harmon: “For Caturday, Pia loved helping me bind off quilts.”

from: Rebecca Plourde: “A photo from Rebecca”

from: Becky Erdman: “Gracie still oversees all my work, even these little quilted stockings. They are part of a fundraiser to pay for surgery for my foster dog Joy, so that she will no longer be blind.”

from: Janinne Garrett: “I just finished hand binding this puzzle quilt, laid it out on the couch for a picture and when I came back, found Chip laying on it. Since he’s still nursing an injury, I didn’t fuss at him.”

from: Casandra Graham Kelly: “Poodle Approved”

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