A Bit of Christmas Quilting: December 10

Tonight we’d like to feature just a few of the Christmas quilts, wall hangings and one lovely ornament that have been shared with us all at 24 Blocks. They are such an inspiration to see!

from Jean Binns Smith: “Christmas comes to Patience Corner”.

This is just delightful! 24 Blocks loves, of course, anything that would be loved by children. This one with the wonderful doll and the spotted cat (see how she’s quilted?) is such a happy creation!

from: Diane Larson: “I pieced this Christmas row by row over 12 years ago. When I was giving it it’s final pressing my iron spit out something (even though I was not using steam) that literally ate through the fabric in one entire row. I was so mad i wadded it up in a ball and threw it in the closet. Last summer I finally unearthed it again and decided to do something with it. I took out the ruined row and replaced it, got it quilted and now it is hanging on my livingroom wall–FINALLY!It was too much work not to finish it, it’s a large full-size quilt, not big enough for any of my beds but just the right size for my wall- oh and I threw out the iron!”

Diane’s quilt is very beautiful, and complex. She writes that it is called “Thoughts of Christmas” by StitchnHeaven. Notice all the different motifs in the rows. There are presents, stockings, gingerbread men, trees, hearts, Santas, houses, angels, stars. It’s one of the most wonderful Christmas works we’ve seen. Sometimes things do have to sit for years…and sometimes things do “spit”. Sometimes we just have to cut out the damage and go on. Beauty results. Thank you, Diane, for sharing not just the quilt, but the story.

from: Peggy Schuler: “Blue ribbon at the fair Christmas quilt. Fun to make, all appliques were hand drawn and made, hand embroidered and appliqued. Some had a dimensional effect to them. Backed with Christmas flannel.”

Peggy’s quilt is so interesting and we see why it was a Blue Ribbon winner! Look at the mailbox at the lower right. There’s even a little redbird on it. Santa also looks happy. We love the addition of dimension and the use of flannel for a backing. So nice!

from: Lynn Klapproth Oliver: “A quilted Christmas ornament…one of more than a hundred I made this year.”

These are some of the most beautiful Christmas ornament balls we’ve seen. They are based on the 8 pointed star. There are a number of tutorials available online for how to make them. One source we found was at theornamentgirl.com. Lynn’s are more elaborate than most we’ve seen and we love the use of white on white. She was gracious to give our readers this link for a “how to”: https://quilting.about.com/od/holidayquiltpatterns/ss/folded-fabric-star.htm

Thanks to everyone who has shared their love of quilting with our 24 Blocks quilting community. Let’s continue to quilt in joy and share the warmth.

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