A Caterday Quilt Evening

Yes, it is late, but we all know that cats like the night. Hopefully many of us have been able to squeeze in some quilting today in between basketball games and the lure of getting a garden plot ready.

To finish the night in style, here are some wonderful cat quilts that were shared with us today…plus one cat on a simply fantastic quilt. We’ve had a good number of photos shared…and some of great dogs “helping”… We’ll pick those up later. We love all the animals who help with quality control and layout.

from Carol Simpson: “A challenge quilt for Seaside Quilt Guild San Diego. The challenge was to interpret a song. I chose Memory from CATS, of course. 3 of my dearly departed cats depicted a la Mary Lou Wiedman.”

Those of us who have lost loved pets can so appreciate how well Carol has done in creating a quilt that not only captures a great song, but also picks up the whimsy that cats can often bring. It looks like, too, that they might be the three stars up by the moon. The asymmetrical composition with all the bright fabric makes Carol’s work really stand out.

Thanks go to Carol, Amy and the two Suzie’s for sharing their creativity and art.

from Suzie McLeod: “My first attempt at machine appliquÈ.

Suzie’s quilt is just wonderful, fanciful and creative. Notice the embellishments and the fishies on the border.

from Susie Lundgren Biby: “Blossom loves my quilts.”

Blossom is a sweety, but we love Susie’s quilt! The appliqued apple tree next to the cottage, the cows out in front of the barn, the outhouse at the top…it all makes for a very well-done work.

from Amy Dravland: “This is the quilt I made for my local humane society’s silent auction. The kit was called Krazy Kool Kats. It ended up going for $150 and I was so proud.”

Amy’s work is marvelous! There are so many cats with so many expressions. It’s always nice to quilts that are successfully used for fundraising! The winner of this one was very lucky!

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