A Darling Catastrophe Captured in a Quilt


We all have to love what Jan McCorsion said about her quilted wall hanging, “This quilt never fails to put a smile on the viewer’s face!“. That cat knows he’s in big trouble.

Jan writes that the pattern is called “Catastrophe” (or “‘Cat’ astrophe” ) by Jukebox Quilts. Jan made the tail out of fake fur but writes that a black boa would have worked well, too.

The fabric around the cat’s paws is printed to simulate shredding. The Jukebox photo of the quilt as designed by Mona Baran and Carrie Strachan has fabric showing more dramatic shredding, but Jan’s cat’s face shows much more wide-eyed amazement…that “uh-oh” moment. Her cat also has more variation in color and the binding sets it off.

What we love in so many modern patterns is the whimsy and fun…especially in wall hangings. Yes, Jan’s work does bring a smile to our faces…and a lecture to our cat, Bill, that he better not try anything like that!

Do you have a favorite quilt pattern that makes you smile? We’d love to see it at 24 Blocks. Just come to our Facebook page and upload a photo, giving as much information as you can about the pattern and source and how you made it. We love to spread the smiles. Happy quilting!

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