A Few Quilts to Mark Milestones

Quilters have always told stories with their art. Sometimes, as in Underground Railroad Quilts, it was in symbols. Other times, as in Whig Quilts or Temperance Quilts, the message and story was not so hidden. Today we’re out in the open with the messages we want to convey. We mark milestones in our lives, and the lives of those we treasure, with our art. Many of us have made quilts for graduation presents or to mark major transitions in the lives of young people and those who have helped guide them.

Today we’re showing off four that have recently been shared with us by our readers. Most obviously took years of planning. It’s that timeless caring that we’d like to celebrate.

Our thanks go to Kristen, Randi, Nancy and Clydene for sharing them with us.

from: Kristen Inbody: “A highly personalized graduation quilt. So much embroidery! “

from: Randi Harleman- Lopez: “T-Shirt quilt for BFF’s son who went from T-Ball to the minors…”

from: Nancy Biskey Gailey: “Hockey Jerseys saved from the time the young man was 3 yrs old. This is his HS Grad Gift :)”

from: Clydene Balke: “This is a tshirt memory quilt we made for my school principal who left to go the district office this year. School groups donated shirts and we donated our time and talents for this awesome going away gift. 29 tshirts = a queen size quilt!”

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