A Look at Love in Quilting

It’s almost Valentines Day so we wanted to look at some quilts in red and white, or with hearts, or expressing love. All have recently been shared with us by our members at 24 Blocks. Quilters have always stitched with love as they kept their families literally warm. Now we get to express it in the symbols and colors we use in quilting, the messages we stitch in and the sentiments we express when we give or display our work.

from: Mary Ruth Kowalczyk Kolk: “Quilt I made for my second daughter’s 40th birthday. She made me a homemade Mother’s Day card when she was around 8 years old. It was done on loose leaf paper cut into small squares. Her opening square was “What A Mom Is For” I took those precious squares to the local copier place and enlarged each one to fit the size quilt blocks I wanted to make. Then I transferred her work to fabric mistakes and all. I embroidered all of her lines and created a red work wall hanging for her. My husband helped with the design and mathematics. 🙂 This was a fun quilt to make and it was filled with love.”

from: Karren Tinius: “Love is in the air… I sweetened it up by quilting hearts in the lower corner of the border around the twister heart, as well as in all the corners, then added (removable) yo-yo hearts within the quilted hearts.”

from: Barbara Gibson: “For all of those of you out there that are convinced you could never machine quilt on your home machine, I would recommend Leah Day’s 365 days of free motion quilting (just google her name and the site will come up). This is one of the practice projects she will lead you through….my quilting was at preschool level until I found her site…..she somehow made me believe I could do it – and you can, too.”

Notice the hearts in the center of Barbara’s elegant pillow! We strongly agree with her advice, too!

from: Linda Deis: “I’m starting a red and cream quilt for my daughter and already it’s talking to me. Since it’s made of batiks, it’s been telling me to use some of it’s sister colors – red-orange and red-pink blends. So far I’m listening and liking it. But there sure are a lot of those 4” pin wheels (another one of its ideas)! It’s also saying, “Stop me! Stop me! I want a very narrow, very dark 1 or 1-1/2″ inside border before my outer border!” Who taught quilts to talk anyway? Wish it would just be quiet and let me work! Can’t wait till I get ready to quilt! Somehow, I don’t think it will “go quietly into the night”.”

Yes, quilts talk. And like when love talks, we know to listen.

Keep Love in the Air. Beat back the Cold!

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