A Quilt of Gratitude: July 1

Many researchers into that wonderful attribute we call “happiness” have found that one of the key magical ingredients is gratitude. But those of us who are quilters know this without having to read the scientific papers. Many of us quilt in groups and appreciate those who have taught us. When times in our lives have challenges, we appreciate those who “come through” with concrete help. Many times we say “Thank You” with a quilt. It’s a tradition.

Martha Plante has done that and shared with us all the story of gratitude for something as small as a haircut. This is her quilt of gratitude.


Martha writes,

“Sometimesit’s little things that make a difference in other’s lives. When my husband had a tree accident some years ago and rearranged his pelvis, hewound up in a nursing home rehab for a month. He had just started going to a new barber and I stopped and asked her if she would ever think of coming to the NH to trim John’s hair. At the time he could just sit in a wheelchair-if there were enough pillows. She graciously and happily stopped by and cut his hair. This is a 4th of July quilt for Barbara the Barber. Pattern is “Fireworks” from Kim Brackett’s Scrap-Basket Surprises“.

One of the nice things about social media is that we get to share, virtually, in so many good things. Martha’s story can remind us, in these days before the Independence holiday, of all the people who have done good for us and for the people we love.

Thank you, Martha, for sharing with us all not only the lovely quilt and information about the pattern, but also the quilt’s story.

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