A Tribute to Firemen Done in Fabric Art


This is an image that is, of course, hard for us all to see. It’s one of those that gets imprinted in our core and shakes us everytime we realize that precious children are vulnerable and that first responders in dangerous situations do jobs that are life-threatening and soul-wrenching.

Becky Erdman, as most of the regulars at 24 Blocks know, is a fabric artist. She created this quilt to add to a tribute to firemen being done at her County Fair. She said in her post that she wanted to capture the compassion of firemen. She has done that.

Many times we take the work of first responders for granted. But we know that when disaster strikes, or a fire, or we need to be rescued from any of a wide assortment of predicaments, they’re there. So, we’d just like to say “Thank you” to Becky for conveying gratitude through her art and letting us all share in that expression.

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