An Admiral, A Compass and Michigan by the Lake

This late afternoon we’d like to feature three beautiful quilts shared with us by our readers. One is a tribute to a sister-in-law retiring from the Navy as an Admiral. One is the traditional Mariner’s Compass, that symbol of hope combined with innovation and skill to bring a seaman home safe. One is a classic Log Cabin made in wonderful blues and shown, in the photo, with a peaceful lake in the background. Made for a sister, it celebrates the University of Michigan.

from Gina Covell Maddox of Gulfcoastquilting:”Today my wonderful Sister-in-law, a two-star Admiral, retires after nearly 34 years service in the US Navy. This is the quilt I made to surprise her.

Gina has her own site and has shown more details of the quilt there. You can see it at: We’d like to thank her for her link, sharing it with our community at 24 Blocks.

from Dorothy Davis: “This is my Mariners Compass” made before I learned to paperpiece.”

After many compliments on her work by other members at 24 Blocks, Dorothy added, “I thank everyone for the compliments I really appreciate them. I think quilting is a real learning process and I learn something every quilt I try. So I jump in with both feet and work on it till I get it right. Every quilt I do is a labor of love I love them all. It’s hard to part with them. This one belongs to my best friend of 40 years; she talked me out of it and it hangs on her living room wall.”

The Mariners Compass pattern has a long history and many variations. Technically there should be 16 or 32 points to the compass like the points on a magnetic compass. Dorothy uses the classic 32 points. Quilt historians indicate that the pattern is one of the earliest named quilt themes in the United States and probably dates back much further to designs called “Wind Roses” that decorated early mariner’s charts. Antique Mariners Compass quilts hang in many major museums including the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

from: Marilyn Pollock Johnston: “I have 8 siblings. This is the quilt I just finished for my sister Jody and the last sibling quilt. It is a log cabin. She is a die hard University of Michigan fan so I used a blue and gold “M” from licensed fabric for the center square. I will be entering it in the county fair next month so she has to wait for it”

from: Marilyn Pollock Johnston: “Here is a close up ic so you can see the “M””

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