And More Caterday

Caterday is the day we celebrate quilts about cats…and sometimes dogs or horses or birds. Sometimes it’s our pets “helping” us quilt; tonight it is all cat quilts. Here are four fun ones shared with us by our readers. We’ll get the “helpers” later!

from: Julie Ann Chandler: “My sawtooth cats…..”

from: Barbara Fiore: “I know I missed cat day this week but maybe next week?”

from: Margie Wilson: “I love 24 Blocks. I enjoy seeing what other quilters are making and how they use colors together.My daughter, Kelley, began this for me, but left it unfinished at my house. After a couple years, I finished it. I love the variety of colors.”

from: Dianne Calmes: “Caturday quilt – This top was lost to Hurricane Katrina. Each cat had a personality, one w/sunglasses, balloons, cheerleader, sheriff. And mouse running through stripping to the mousehole. Oh well, maybe I’ll try again someday.”

There’s always something fun with quilts about animals! Thanks to Julie, Barbara, Margie, Dianne and everyone who has shared their love of cats in quilted form!

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