Antique and Vintage Never Gets Old

Some are inspired by a loved vintage family quilt…

Kathleen 4
Since all quilters are creative and have imagination, we can always take a loved vintage family quilt and recreate it, maybe adding a little modern complexity and color. Kathleen Castillo did this with her recreation of a much loved family Sunbonnet Sue (see below for the original). And, of course, a vintage quilt or a reproduction looks great with antique dolls. Thanks so much, Kathleen, for inspiring us to keep what was old alive by simply recreating a new version while we carefuly conserve the original.

Some really are antique and vintage…


The term “antique” normally is used with any thing over a 100 years old, while “vintage” requires 50 years of age. (Ok, many of us quilters are vintage and therefore we are treasures!) This photo is of an antique Tulip quilt posted yesterday by Kathleen Costillo on our 24 Blocks Facebook page. She believes it dates from 1880-1900. It is hand pieced, not appliqued. It’s beautiful and a treasure to have. She also posted a close up of the back to show the hand stitching joining the curved flower pieces. Thank you, Kathleen, for sharing it with us.

Kathleen 2
Kathleen also posted this close up of a vintage Dresden Plate from the 1920-30’s period. She said that the fine quilting uses stitches that are 14 or more per inch. Quilts like this one are classics.

Kathleen 3
Also from Kathleen, is the original Sunbonnet Sue made by an Aunt in the 1920-1930’s time frame. She writes that it has been “loved to death” and that with the help of her friendship group she made the stunning reproduction shown in our first photo above.

And some we modernize…

Rozann Mason shared with us this reproduction of a simple 1930’s design. We think it’s a version of the Mosaic pattern, but await some reader input on that. It uses the colors and background of classic vintage quilts but does have a fresh, somewhat contemporary feel to it. It would look perfect in a contemporary home as well as one filled with antiques. Thank you for your post, Rozann. It does make us think of Spring.

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