April 27 – Today’s Featured Quilts

from: Dorothy Davis: “”

from: Marilyn Becker: “here is a quilt that I started last week that I call ” keep on going” because you have to keep making more to see what they look like. It is the most fun I have had in a long time doing a quilt. It is addicting. It is really called Chiclet.”

from: Laura Hieronimus Bishop: “I made this Bargello, “Surf Song,” for an auction in support of clean water in Uganda. Our local Rotary Club sponsored an event, “Wine into Water” last night. This was my first “charity quilt” and it was very special to me. My friend, on the left, lost her 17 year old son in an accident while coming home from a family vacation in 2009. Jesse wanted to be an engineer and provide clean water to people in third world countries. His family started a charity in his memory: a race is held every June and this is the second year for the Wine into Water event. My quilt was renamed, “Ripples of Hope,” and it sold for an unbelievable price: $3,000!”

from: Dolores Bostic: “This 1 I did for my mother, but she pasted before I got it done.”

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