August 1 – Featured Quilts on 24 Blocks

from: Laureen Stauring Whitney: “finally completed this , inspired by a flyer I received in the mail”

from: Janet Seiber: “This quilt pattern is called Impulse and at one time it could be found online. It follows the Trip Around the World concept but something that makes it unique is that the size of the squares in each 12 inch block vary. They are two inch, four inch and three inch ones. I used a serger for the piecing and loved not having any fraying. There is definitely another one of these in my future!”

from: Pat Wojnar Doutt: “Made this Double Wedding Ring Quilt for my niece and nephew. Took almost two years to complete. Machine pieced and all hand quilted. They were so surprised and just love it.”

from: Linda Gold Deis: “Had a chance yesterday to photograph a couple of my quilts that I had not photographed before they left my home. This is another one. I was in a fabric store and found this whole collection of fabrics on a half-priced table. I’m not generally an orange fan, but the border print caught my eye and the rest is history. I bought the fabrics, brought them home and they sat. I was working on another quilt and really not sure how I wanted to use them. Finally decided a sampler would let me show off their colors best. I’ve had mixed emotions about using the blue in the quilt. The orange had gone beyond something that reminded me of Provence to something that reminded me I didn’t pick orange as my favorite color, so I added the blues. Still don’t know if it works but my sister threatens to steal it every time she visits my place in NC – and she doesn’t like orange either! LOL. For the serious quilters, there was no pattern, just random sampler blocks.”

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