August 13 – Featured Quilts on 24 Blocks

from: Bobbie Faucett: “This “Random Hearts” quilt was made by me for my great niece, Brianna.”

from: Carol Wideman Mason: “My Mother who is 96 years now hand pieced these blocks when she eas 13 years old. I added a neutral frame around each of them then put them together to make a quiltntop. Around the Block Quilting,Wichita, KS machine quilted it for me. “

from: Erika Higginson: “These panels were made in the 1940’s my sister had them given to her so we put them together we only had a limited amount of panels we laid it out and played with them eventually we came up with this she loves it “

from: Laura Triplett: “Hand quilted for my grand daughter … Just finished it!”

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