August 8 – Featured Quilts on 24 Blocks

from: Linda Deis: “A few years ago I took a Baltimore Album class at my local quilt shop. After we made the first couple blocks we did rushing. All of a sudden my brain said, “Hey, i can embellish quilt blocks!” These next few pictures are the result of that light bulb going off. I haven’t quilted yet – only quilting I can see is hand – I can’t really figure how I am going to get these embellished blocks in the frames. If you have any ideas, please share. The first pic is the whole quilt followed by some block close ups.”

from: Linda Deis: “In the peacock, I outlined the feathers with seed beads”

from: Linda Deis: “This block is not part of the nine patch. It is everything, upholstery cording makes the stock, beads make the blue bells, there is ribbon leaves and will upholstery trim as the crazy flowers to the left and right of the center one. I love going where no quilter has gone before (or will ever want to go again). I just hope the original ladies who designed the Baltimore Album blocks will forgive me and whisper to me how u get these things in a frame to quilt!”

from: Rita Inman: “”

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