August 9 – Featured Quilts on 24 Blocks

from: Lori Netzley Saldivar: “My new sister-in-law had saved these hand-pieced star and flower blocks for 27 years following her mother’s death. They were made from scraps of her family’s clothing, and there are many types of fabric used, from polyester to satin, velveteen to sheers, as well as cotton. She found out I was a quilter and asked me if I thought I could make something out of them – preferably 14 somethings, so that each of her brothers and sisters could have a memento of their mom’s handiwork! I used a pre-quilted white background, added stems and leaves, and a unique border to each. I used the “blind hem stitch” on my machine to tack everything on as applique, leaving raw edges as they were. Here is a pic of 9 of them. It’s been a fun project, and I’m happy to be preserving these precious pieces of the past!”

from: Barbara Cody Macdonald: “Took me 3 years to hand quilt this but it was worth it.”

from: Ruthann Nissly Martinez: “Rudolph’s Ties. Made from his collection of ties for his widow’s 91st birthday.”

from: Alice McCombs: “This is a quilt I made for my sister, the award winning quilter. She sent me some beautiful reproduction fabric several years ago, and I remembered that I had this ‘original star’ pattern (not my own design); thought the two would go well together. My original intention was to make a full size bed quilt. I ended up making a nap quilt instead. That’s one way to re-gift!”

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