Baby Quilt Monday: April 1


This baby quilt was designed and sewn by Kathy Stockbridge. She writes, “Hereis a quilt I designed based on a Ruby McKim block. The baby’s parents had bought and renovated a house built in 1928, so I thought this quilt would be perfect for their new baby girl Ava!” It’s beautiful! Thanks, Kathy, for sharing it with our quilting community at 24 Blocks.


A few weeks ago Liz Argotsinger posted a photo of some dress shirts that belonged to a friend’s husband. He had passed away. Now we get to see how she turned them into a quilted work of art for her friend to have and hold. The friend had asked for a baby quilt for her great granddaughter. Liz did that, plus making a throw for her friend. Quilts keep us warm…in friendship, in expectation, in hard times. Thanks, Liz, for your post.


Evelyn Johnson shared several quilts with our readers and we’d like to thank her. Yes, it does look like snow! These are baby quilts but they have a moving story. Evelyn’s older sister started them for a relative who had become a grandmother for twin girls, but she passed away last October. Before she died she gave the quilts to Evelyn and Evelyn’s niece to finish up. The backs are in a lively clown pattern and they are labeled. We know that the twins will have this story of their quilts told many times and the story will last for generations.

Although not technically a baby quilt, we can’t resist including this beauty by Dawn Wright tonight. Besides, it is of baby animals! Dawn said, in her post, “Iwould like to share a quilt I made in Aug 2010. It was for my youngest Grandson, Liam when it was his turn to move into his first ‘big-boy’ bed. His older brother requested trucks, trains, racecars and bulldozers. But Liam is a very sweet and tender-hearted boy, he requested I make his with all kinds of babies. Both boys still enjoy their quilts everynight, and this Grandma loves it ?” It is so lively and happy! The baby animals, and fish and birds and bugs are just wonderful. The colors are bright. Thanks, Dawn, for letting our readers enjoy it!

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