Baby Quilt Monday. May 6

We all need angels and whimsey so we love this quilt made by Barbara McKensie. It’s called “Angels all ‘Round”. She made it in 2011 for her niece’s first baby. It uses both machine embroidery and quilting and is beautiful.

Mina Hartshorn has created a baby quilt that is a delight and has a good tactile feel to it that a little one will find comforting. Mina says she’s a novice at applique, but that she really enjoyed putting the pink elephants together for her nephew’s new baby, a girl. Mina writes,

“Eachelephant is a different print and I have used fuzzy soft fabric on the insert and as backing to create interest. I have hand quilted hearts inthe pink triangles with the exception of the lower left hand corner. There I quilted her name and date of birth. The baby lives in the Portland Oregon vicinity where the zoo has a baby elephant named Lily…so each elephant on the quilt has a flower name. I can imagine her snuggled up with Mommy listening to a story and cuddling this fuzzy blanket.

It’s just always so nice to see a baby’s name and birthdate added to a quilt. She’ll grow up knowing it was made just for her. Thanks, Mina, for sharing it with our readers at 24 Blocks!

Joy Rusonis made two quilts for a set of twins and this is one of them. Although each is different they both use a combination of vintage blocks with the addition of elephants for a modern twist.

Susan Mallon made this quilt for “baby Andrew”. She said she would have liked to have done scalloped edges but feared making the cuts this time. We like it how it is, especially the inner border and the use of bold primary colors on the white background.

We’d like to thank Rozann Mason for sharing this close up of a quilt she did for her niece’s little boy. She writes,

“Thisis my 5th quilt that I FMQ’d, not great by any means, but it’s easier when you have the blocks to use as a guide. I saw an interlocking friendship star breast cancer awareness quilt and adapted it.

The elephants on the border, Rozann adds, were part of a stiped fabric called “Elephant Parade” by E. Studios. She cut it up for the border. It’s a beautiful quilt!

Thanks to all of you who have uploaded photos of the quilts you’ve made for babies.

We all try to help keep them warm in so many ways.

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