Baby Quilt Monday (on Wednesday). Part I

Jo Kinnaly has created a delightful work of art. She writes,

“Anadaptation of Peek-A-Boo Bunnies, from “Quilts from Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks”. I completed it in Dec. 2012. No particular story–I was flipping thru the magazine while I was waiting to get some fabric cut and happened on the pattern. I just *had* to buy the magazine! If I ever get a grandbaby, I’ll be ready. ;)”

Debra Ahlstrom is expecting a Grandbaby soon so she made this quilt. It’s called “Inch by Inch” by Jennifer Foltz. She says that she likes to add dimension and texture so added the 3D butterflies in fleece and a satiny material. Notice her label on the back and the varied positioning of the nine-patches.

Andrea Williamson also made a “sensory” quilt. It is her own design and made for her niece. She writes that the pinwheels are adapted from prairie corners so that little fingers can lift them. Notice, too, that the quilting in the solid blocks represents the basic shapes.

Nora Dean made this quilt last October for her first Grandson. The circles are fun.

Thank you all for sharing your photos of baby quilts and babies on quilts with us at 24 Blocks.

We inspire each other.

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