Baby Quilt Monday (on Wednesday). Part II

Nancy Chaddick‘s baby quilt, made a couple of years ago, has been very popular with our readers. Nancy made it for her Grand-Niece who lives in Africa. She writes that the petals are made from 180 different fabrics in her “stash” (we all know about that!). She can’t recall the name of the pattern right now, but knows it came from a magazine probably in 2010. She hand quilted it, too. Notice the tendrils on the flowers. It is delicate and lovely.

This was Connie Newcomb’s first quilt and we all can say “Bravo”. She made it for her niece and selected the pink and mint green colors with a ladybug theme. Notice her use of a minky fabric in some of the green squares which gives it that plush texture. She used the same material for the backing.

Jeanne Jones did a traditional “Log Cabin” in soft pastels for her first Great-Grandchild. It’ll be a treasure for years…

And we’d like to end tonight with this well-crafted beauty by Lillian Dennis. It will surely be a heirloom. Lillian made it for her cousin’s first child, a little boy. The pattern came from Eleanor Burns’ “Victory Quilts” book. Notice the plane in the middle.

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