Baby Quilt Monday

Good Morning from 24 Blocks! A good way to start out the week, especially after so much basketball this weekend, is by seeing some great baby quilts. Even though we might now know of a baby on the way to friends or family, there always will be one sooner or later! We can make baby quilts for charity, too. They can bring so much joy!

Here are some baby quilts recently posted by our readers. We hope they inspire. Thanks go to Jennifer, Allison, Debra and everyone else who has shared photos of their creative quilts.

from Jennifer Payne: “ I made a quilt for my sister’s first child. We spent the day picking out a pattern and fabric together. I changed one of the vehicles in the pattern to a motorcycle as a surprise. Then my husband (an equipment dealer) said you have to have a skid steer and excavator too! So I made a panel for the back with the equipment and a scripture verse for Baby Jacob!”

from Allison Brewer: “I designed this paper pieced quilt for my brother-in-law and sister-in-laws baby (due in July)! I call it Rock-A-Bye baby. I decided to do a music them because my brother-in-law and his wife are both very musically talented and music has meant a whole lot to both of them!”

from: Debra Ahlstrom: “Used a Linus Project pattern for this quilt I made for a preemie (born at 25 weeks). The ice cream is either fleece or satin to give different textures.”

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