Baby Quilt Round Up!

It seems like more and more ladies around us are pregnant these days! And what better way to celebrate our excitement than with a look back at some beautiful baby quilts. Whether you’re planning on making a quilt or just admiring the handiwork of others, know that there’s no right or wrong way to approach these; pink or blue, gender neutral, abstract…no matter what, it’ll turn out wonderfully!

from: Nola Nielsen: “Baby quilt I made for a former student employee. She didn’t want to know the baby’s sex ahead of time, so I went with an elephant theme and aqua color scheme.”

from: Marilyn Munday Ash: “This is my first bubble quilt created for my newest great grand daughter. It will be a floor quilt, much to heavy for the baby bed.”

from: Kathleen Ortiz: “A photo from Kathleen”

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