Bargello Bright

Good Morning. Bargello’s roots in needlework go way, way back at least to Elizabethan England and Renaissance Florence. The colors used in creating patterns that were often referred to as “flame stitch” were, even then, colorful. Today we have even more options available for Bargello quilts. They can be very bright and dramatic. Colors chosen may be contrasting, complimentary or shades of one color picking up various hues and shadings.

Here are three we’ve selected from our readers’ recent posts. All are bright. We can imagine that they were very enjoyable to make. They would certainly be the centerpiece of any room in which they were hung or used.

Thanks to Angela, Marie and Jan for sharing them with us. And thank go to all the members of our 24 Blocks online community for sharing not only their work, but also their love of quilting. We celebrate everything from antique to contemporary!

from: Angela Kells: “Rosememories”

from: Marie Stern: “My husband liked this so much from Eileen Wright’s Twist and Turn Bargello quilt that I made it for him.”

from: Jan Mueller: “A photo from Jan”

Jan also writes: “Supernova in brights. Was juried into Quilt Expo in Des Moines, Ia and Madison, Wi.”

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