How To Sew Curtains: Tips, Tricks And A Great Tutorial!

I remember many, many years ago, before I was (or considered myself) an experienced quilter, I moved into a new place and did not have enough curtains for every window. I couldn’t fathom the prices associated with the curtains at the store, so instead, I decided it was time to dust off my old sewing machine and give that little hobby another go-round.

Long story short, that was the moment that transported me back into the wonderful world of sewing after many many years.

With that said, sometimes we come across a fabric we love so much that we want to use it as many ways as possible. If this sounds like you, then a great idea for your next project is to make your own curtains!

This is a simple, basic sewing project that lets you use your favorite fabric and make something that will instantly give any room a new look. In the following tutorial from Man Sewing, Rob turns his scented fabric (how cool is that?!?) into a set of gorgeous curtains. Check it out and give it a try!


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