Bright Quilts to Lift Our Spirits: February 6

We’ve had ice and snow where we live but this morning the sun is shining, making the ice crystals sparkle. These colorful quilts, all either made by our readers or by an ancestor long ago, all are bright and clear. They do lift the spirits. Three are for babies or children. One is vintage. We hope you enjoy seeing them.

from Karla Higgins: “My Great-Grandmother made this during the Depression. My Grandmother said the bright colors cheered everyone up.

Karla’s precious vintage quilt is a classic and we know how precious it must be to her family. It appears to have been well cared-for over the generations. We hope that everyone notices that it is all hand done. We can imagine her Great-Grandmother cutting out the small pieces by hand by a window or lamp-light. It is beautiful and also brightens our day!

from David Walrath: “Here’s a baby quilt that my wife & I made for a co-worker. It’s based on a pattern from that was inspired by Stars and Bars from designers September Olson & Eileen Houchin.

Isn’t it wonderful that David and his wife made a gift quilt together and hearts are the center of the blocks? It’s a happy quilt that will be used.

from: Judy Heston: “This is a quilt I created for a great nephew in Colorado. Since he likes water, frogs and stones, the backing has that pattern. This is all hand-pieced, hand-quilted stitching in ditch and around all objects in squares.”

Judy’s quilt is lively, beautiful, bright and well-done! We love, also, that she’s chosen scenes with the bright sun, with green grass and blue skies!

from Linda Kuzmin: “I made this for my first grandchild who was born 2 weeks ago. (a boy) It was my first quilt.”

We’d like to congratulate Linda on her first grandchild! Her quilt will be loved for generations and it also tells a tale. We believe it comes from “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”, a classic story of metamorphosis. As we all know, the caterpillar after hatching is driven to eat, to experiment with all kinds of food from an apple to salami. Eventually he spins a cocoon and after two weeks emerges as a beautiful and colorful butterfly.

Thanks to Karla, the Walraths, Judy, Linda and everyone who has shared their love of quilting and the pride of quilts made long ago.

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