Brights for the Little Ones

We always love seeing bright and cheerful quilts for children. After we’ve made the sweet pastel baby quilts and we watch the little ones in our lives grow into playful toddlers and then pre-schoolers and then in elementary, we know it’s time to make quilts that capture the energy and enthusiasm of those years. Many of us also secretly really enjoy playing with their toys: the trucks, the sailboats, the pinwheels, the legos. The bright primary colors, and their close cousins, beckon.

from: Becky Corthorn Weimer: “I gave this brightly colored quilt to a little girl last summer. It is State Fair by Miss Rosie’s Quilt Co., but I added a few more rows to make it rectangle rather than square. I stitched the pinwheels while camping; yes, I took my sewing machine in our little travel trailer.”

from: Barb Breitenbach Pike: “It’s sail boat time in Lake City, MN. This is based on a pattern from “Simply Sew Cute””

from: Connie Handy: “I made this Lego quilt for my 10 year old grandson. I designed most of the squares myself. I created them for foundation (or paper) piecing.”

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