Bring on the Vertical

Hello again from 24 Blocks! This morning we’d like to show off three quilts, all shared with us by our readers, that have that feel of vertical movement. Whether it be that feeling of french braids, or a waterfall, or rippled currents, or hanging crystals in a southwestern sunset, or hanging baskets awaiting flowers…they all give a sense of manageable intricacy, of wonder, of movement, of interest.

Our thanks go to Karen, Alena and Lisa for sharing them with all of us in our 24 Blocks community.

from: Karen Carsey: “I made this quilt for my Granddaughter who just reached two important milestones in her life. She reached the age of 18 and graduated from high school. She told me she wanted a blue quilt but I needed it to be a little more than just a blue quilt. I remember when she was a very little girl her mother would French braid her beautiful blond hair, so I choose this French Braid pattern signify those very special growing up years.”

from: Alena Mae Doty: “My husband bought me BATIK’S for Christmas last year. I made a French Braid quilt.”

from: Lisa Lauziere: “Here’s a quilt I recently made for my niece Kyra (who hates to be cold!), to take to college with her this fall. I used a pattern for this one and I believe it’s called ‘Hanging Baskets’.”

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