Bunnies and Chicks: April 1

Just for fun this morning we’d like to feature some of the delightful crocheted bunnies and chicks that have been made by our readers. They are all small, but there’s just something about a basket full of bunnies or little chickens.

Thanks go to Dale, Cheryl and Marilyn for sharing them with us all….and to everyone else who has shared their love of crochet.

from Cheryl Harrison: “Marshmellow bunnies!”

All of us at Starting Chain love Peeps and how much fun you can have with them. The Washington Post does a Peep Diorama contest every year where the bunnies and chicks are artistically staged in various tableaux. They seem to be a celebration of enjoying something that is, well, sugar. Cheryl’s basket full of crocheted Peeps seem like they’re on their way to some important event. They naturally bring smiles.

from: Dale E. Dunagan: “Easter Chicks”

We love Dale’s little chicks hatching out. Notice the baby beads around their necks. Even Dad and Mom have their chicks! Notice, too, the crocheted doily behind them.

from: Marilyn Manente: “My “Funky Chickens” Egg Cozies”

Marilyn’s egg cozies are such a good idea! That white one looks like a Silky.

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