Caterday Afternoon: June 22


It is Caterday afternoon and we’d like to start off with just this fun quilt, made by Kolleen Miller-Rosser. She calls it “Crazy Cats” and she has the pattern if anyone is interested. It mixes innocent looking cats, appliqued, with hearts and large stripes for to give it a bit of that crazy quilt look. Notice the body of the cat at the top right contrasted with the one at the bottom. The top cat looks like a calico and the bottom one is clearly a stripped cat. It looks, also, like the one at the bottom is licking up water or milk from his bowl.

Kolleen said she made one with a purple theme but the pattern called for yellow and blue.

Thanks, Kolleen, for sharing with with our readers at 24 Blocks! It’s a quilt that would be popular with any cat lover who also likes things that are fun and lively.

If anyone else would like to contribute a photo of a quilt for Caterday, just upload it to our 24 Blocks Facebook page. Please give all the information you can about the pattern, if there is one, the process you used and any interesting stories or helpful hints that go with with. Caterday is for all critters, so quilts about dogs, birds, horses, or other pets in addition to cats are welcome. It’s also fun seeing how your pets “help” you quilt or hold the quilt in place!

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