Caterday and Dogerday: June 28

Normally Caterday is about cat quilts and cats helping us quilt. Tonight we have two dogs, too, so it sounds as if its Dogerday, too. We hope you enjoy this intersection of quilting and the love of animals so many quilters have. It’s just for fun.

from: Sandra Logan: “This is Bear he likes to lay on my first quilt..when I sit down & do some hand sewing .”

from: Gina Covell Maddox: “Boudreaux kitty approves of this old-window-framed-quilt I just finished, “How Starfish Become Stars.””

from: Gerri Richards: “Cool cats on quilts!”

from: Karen Dean Fister Stearns: “My Pikachu helping me tie a baby quilt. I will miss her helping me on future quilts.”

from: Jacque Burns: “This is the result of Echo the cat’s visit. What fun.”

from: Kathy Watson: “Rascal likes to help me sew”

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