Caterday and Quilts: April 6

From Audrey Goodwin who writes this was her very first quilt! Can you imagine doing something this elegant your first time? The colors look very Coco Chanel. She got the pattern from a quilting magazine from the 1990’s. The magazine had been in a drawer for years. You can always tell a quilter because we don’t throw away patterns or anything that gives us ideas.


From textile artist Becky Erdman who writes “How about a little cat to hold your books?” We love it!


From Peggy Schuler. Look at all the different cat appliques on the quilt! Then there are two cats happily on the quilt plus a stuffed friend. So cute!

From Jodie Thompson. Her Maximus likes to sleep with the sewing machines. Notice that his head on the base of the lamp! He knows where the action is.

A 2007 photo from Mandy Collins. This is her Darcy who helps her quilt. The quilt-in-progress was being made for her mother and father in-law’s 50 Anniversary. We can tell that it was a lovely quilt with important photos highlighting their marriage. Darcy was just making sure everything was correct.

From Dot Lang. Her cat Petey helped make this quilt for her son a few years ago.

And, finally tonight, from Tracy Wagner. Her Chester. No, he’s not a cat. And those of us who have enjoyed seeing Tracy’s work can see some of her almost trademark blue’s and aqua’s that grace so many of her designs.

Thank you all for posting your critters and quilts about critters…. More next Caterday!

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