Caterday Creativity, a Preview

Ok, Caterday is supposed to happen on Saturdays but we’ve missed the last two… and we just can’t wait to show off these very creative quilts. So here’s a Preview…

Caterday is the time we feature quilts about cats (and sometimes dogs or horses or birds or whatever critters are pets) or about them “helping” us quilt. Sometimes it’s just a cat holding down a quilt, or helping re-arrange a stash or seeing if our work meets quality standards.

It is about fun. Here are three quilts to get us started…a Preview… Thanks go to Jackie, Jan and Ann for sharing them with us.

from: Ann Hartwell: “Brass bed wall hanging. The “brass” is gold lame, machine appliqued and then stuffed to make it stand out more. The details include a spider hanging from his web, a mosquito as big as they sound in the dark and some pink chewing gum on the bedpost. My own design, it was fun coming up with the various elements.”

Ann’s work is so creative! Notice the black kitten hanging upside down.

from: Jackie Walker Jarvis: “A charity quilt for the local humane society auction.”

from: Jan McCloud: “My “Tumbling Cats” quilt using a Japanese panel as the centrepiece. Mostly appliquÈ. I like quilting in my own way to get the desired effect.”

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