Caterday Inspiration: July 13


It’s Caterday and we’ll soon highlight some of the recent pet-themed quilts that have been uploaded by our readers…and maybe some cats and dogs, too… but meanwhile we can’t resist showing off Amyjo Miller’s cat Mr. Reed. He clearly has very good taste by preferring to nap on a family vintage quilt where, and we are speculating here, maybe his mother and grandmother cats also napped? Anyway, we’d like to thank Amyjo. Here’s what she has to say…

“Mr.Reed catnapping on a Caturday in his favorite spot. Tucked into the backside of a quilt with the original “30” era fabrics that was passed down to his “mom”.”

In our own family certain quilts were “off limits” to cats and they all seemed to know better than to attempt to jump on those antique beds. But other quilts, especially those on childrens’ beds or used as comfy throws were equally shared with our 4-legged critters. They seemed to find comfort in the feel of many generations past.

Does any of this sound familiar?

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