Caterday: March 16

Deborah Hendrickson writes that her son’s cat “Layla” blends in perfectly with her recently finished Autumn Geese quilt. Cats always know which quilts make them look the best. Thanks, Deborah!

MaryKay Fuhlrodt‘s “Jr” napped for 2 whole hours on her machine while she was sewing blocks for a quilt-in-progress. He clearly knows the best place to be! Thanks MaryKay.

Jean Weston writes that her “Cinnabun” helps her quilt. It’s clear she’s got a keen eye! Thanks, Jean.

Cathy Estabrook writes that her “Max” helped her lay out the 1000 pieces for this quilt she made a few years ago for her daughter. Of course when she’d leave the room Max would tear through them. We can tell by his eyes that’s exactly what he was thinking! Thanks, Cathy, the quilt is beautiful!

Patricia Gleeson writes that she has three quilting assistants, but LOL, they aren’t much help. We like her antique chairs, too!

Thank you all for posting photos of cats on quilts or helping you quilt. We do take dogs, too, on Caterday.

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