Caterday: March 23

Christina Cook‘s “CoCo” is showing her exactly how it is done. She knows how to align fabric.

Fabric artist Becky Erdman has created this beautiful wall hanging of a hummingbird. We love hummingbirds and hope that none of our furry friends ever chase them. This is beautiful!

Rebecca Downs has two quilting assistants, “Diamond T” and “AutoCar”. We have no idea how they got those names but we can tell they want everything done right!

Vicki Ibarra writes, “I keep seeing the Caterday pictures and they make me smile. I also have aquilting companion who goes to work with me in my studio, ownes her ownquilt and makes me laugh chasing her tail under the floating quilttops on the quilting machine.” Ok, Caterday is for all the critters!

Amy Dravland posted this photo, writing “Madethis for our humane society fundraiser. I call it the Fuji Squisheyfacequilt in memory of my shih tzu who helped my quilt until his death two weeks ago. He was rescued from the humane society.” We always love to see charity quilts and since our pets mean so much to many of us, a quilt for a Humane Society fundraiser is a joy.

Debbie Wolfe‘s “Rosie” tends to sleep on the job but she always points to her favorite fabric. Cat Paws.

Thanks to all of you who have posted such fun critter pics. Quilters love creatures.

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