Caterday: Martha’s Frankie Quilt Continues to Inspire

Back in April, 2013, when we hadn’t been doing our Caterday feature for very long, one of everyone’s most beloved 24 Blocks community member, Martha Plante, uploaded a darling photo of her cat’s own quilt. It was of her design and does look like her cat, Frankie. It was so popular that she also shared a photo of him on it and the graph paper drawing she used to make it. Since then at least two other quilters have shared their versions. We’d like to thank Martha for inspiring others. Frankie’s quilt will live on.

Here’s Martha’s original work, her graph and how it’s been adapted by our two of our readers…

“Caturday – Here’s Frankie. Drop a quilt anywhere & he’s on it, so I made him his own.” — Martha Plante

When so many people said how much they loved it, Martha commented,

“Thankyou all! I have posted a picture of my pattern. I drafted it on graphpaper, each square is a 2” (cut size) square of fabric. His nose is pink with a metallic butterfly on it, and his eyes are a glittery green with a glittery black stripe sewn in. I just drew diagonals through thesquares to make his spots, etc. Have fun!

Martha’s graphed design

Frankie on his own quilt.

In June, Kelly Hoff Dilliner wrote,

“Iwanted to share my latest quilt top I completed for my daughter in memory of our wonderful kitty Blackie, who passed away few months ago. Thank you so much to Martha Plante for posting her pattern of the quilt she made for her kitty Frankie. My daughter loves it.

And just a few days ago…

Katy Prochaska writes,
“Was inspired by a quilt on your site and then made it my own along the way.

So we’d like to thank Martha again not just for showing her creative work, but for helping others do something similar. That’s part of what quilting has always been about. Today social media makes that easy even when we’re separated sometimes by oceans. Thank you, Martha! And give Frankie many head scratches and treats!

Happy Caterday! More to come….

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