Caterday Morning: April 19

For those of us who love cats, and dogs, and quilts. Caterday is about cat quilts, cats helping us quilt and cats testing quilts. It’s also, sometimes, about dogs or horses…or birds….

Caterday is about fun for people who love both the fabric arts and the furballs that keep us company.

Thanks to Pat, Barbara, Marcia, Leann and everyone else who has shared Caterday quilts. We’ll have more later today, so there’s still time to post your favorite…or to try to get a great photo of your cat doing design layout or quality control. (You can also let us know how long it took to get that great photo :))

from: Pat Cunningham: “This is the quilt that I made for my granddaughter who has 2 cats. It is a log cabin design and was appliquÈd by hand.”

from: Barbara Gibson: “Got sidetracked by a pattern I simply could NOT resist. You can find it here (with many more) . Mine will be a pillow when it’s done – couldn’t resist a little minkie and fake fur to make him a bit more “pet-able.” “”

Barbara’s wonderful kitty pillow comes from If you follow the link for her name (above) you can see the finished top with a great border.

from: Marcia Kasprzyk: “Eleanor my quilting helper. Marcia Kasprzyk”

from: Leann Stites: “A Caterday Quilt.”

Ok, we know that the kitty is stuffed…but look at Leann’s quilt with the crocheted hearts!!!!

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