Caterday Quilts A Bit Early: August 9

On Caterday, which should be a Saturday, we like to highlight quilts made to celebrate cats and dogs and our other pet friends. Sometimes it’s our friends “helping” us quilt, or just taking advantage of our quilts for lounging. We hope you enjoy these, all from our readers.

“Acat quilt for some good friends, and for their cats, Cuddles and Nuisance. Nuisance is the orange one with one eye open! Quilted by Roxanne Richardson, inspiration from a cat quilt on 24 Blocks – I tried to go back and find it, but no luck. Thank you to whoever posted it. Pattern is “Let Sleeping Cats Lie”by” — Martha Plante

“This is my cat quilt — I entered it into the quilt show in Midlothian, TX recently.” — Diana Buckley

“My cat, Leo Thenewkitty, helping me. The blocks had been on the floor for maybe 2 minutes before he ambled over to assist.” — Elaine Lorinczi

“Thisis a quilt I made when my husband and I spent our first winter in Florida and our daughter was staying at home in Massachusetts to watch our Cairn Terrier, Bailey. We’ve now decided to take her with us this fall and so I gave this quilt to my daughter… seemed like a fair tradeto me!” — Mary Deotte


“My cat Popcorn.. helping me layout the quilt to prepare for the border..” — Rhonda Burgan

Thanks to everyone who has shared their love of both quilts and their beloved pet companions with the rest of us. Have a great weekend!

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