Caterday Quilts and Two Dogs

It’s Caterday, the day we celebrate our love of cats and dogs as well as quilts. Sometimes we feature quilts about our furry companions. Sometimes it’s photos of them “helping” us quilt. Today we have two dogs helping with layout, as well as one cat helping watching to make sure that the thread doesn’t run off with the spool, and two darling quilts about cats. One was made in honor of specific family cats. We hope you enjoy these.

Thanks go to Mary, Suma, Marie, Becky, Suzie and everyone else who has shared photos for Caterday.

from Mary Haire Chard: “Here is the cat quilt that I made for my daughter and son immortalizing their 4 cats!

from: Becky Hastings: “Not a cat day but the pup thought she’d help.”

from: Suzie Maley McLeod: “Morgan helping Mom choose threads”

from Suma Glassman: “This is my Catterday submission. I adapted a block that came across on FB and replaced the center with the cat-sayings fabric. I used lots of my cat fabrics for some of the 2.5 and 4.5 inch squares.”

from Marie Legault

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