Caterday Quilts: April 11

Hello again. This is today’s first installment of “Caterday Quilts”. It’s the day we celebrate quilts about cats (and sometimes dogs) and our beloved pets “helping” us quilt. Sometimes they are in charge of quality control. Sometimes they just watch to make sure we’re happy. Sometimes they help with layout. Sometimes they just make sure our work is still nice and comfy.

Here are just a few to help get this beautiful Caterday going….

from Becky Erdman: “For Caturday, from the animal loving studio of Becky’s Sew Nice Quilts, comes this little piece. The person who commissioned this had planned on getting it as a tattoo, but changed her mind and wanted a quilt instead.”

from: Betty Martin Stallings: “Our sweet Archie always thought a new quilt was made just for him.”

from Carrie Ruiz: “One block wonder cat quilt

from: Mary Jo Cree: “Casper has to test every quilt I make”

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