Caterday Quilts: April 12

Hello again. This is our second installment of “Caterday Quilts” for the day. This one is all cats…and one Cat Lady!

Thanks go to Susan, Pat, Rita, Kristin and everyone else who has shared in the fun of quilting and cats.

from Susan Geary: “Here is my “Crazy Cat Lady” quilt Me with my Lola.”

We love Susan’s quilt! Her Lola is darling, too! We’d like to encourage everyone to take a close look at her quilt. It is of lady holding a cat that looks just like Lola! It’s a marvelous, creative work! Thank you so much, Susan, for sharing it with us all!

from Pat Brannon, “Sugar knows this one is for her!”

from Rita Inman

from Kristin Anderson: “I have 3 kitties, and all if them love the quilt making process. Here’s my rescue cat, Bunny, in charge of design layout.

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