Caterday Quilts: April 13

Ha! Yes, this is “Puss in Sunbonnets” made by Jeannie Sekala. Jeannie writes that the patterns came from the book “Cat’s Meow” by Janet Kime. She made it for a friend who loves cats and quilts. It’s such a cute idea and the clear colors with the black kitties is just appealing.

Jeannie‘s cat helped, of course.

Nancy Geiger‘s cat Maui (aka Meowi) likes to cuddle when Nancy is quilting. Notice her Thimble Hat!

Oh, look! It’s a dog. Murphy.! He helped Kathy Stockbridge with this quilt in a pattern that Kathy says is called “Corn and Beans”. She saw it in a book that had it in fall colors but she used the blues to get a “spring rainly weather effect”. We completely love it this way! Murphy is proud, too!

Nancy Logsdon writes that this is her Pomeranian, Baby Girl. The photo was taken five years ago when Baby Girl thought the batting was a special bed just for her. She’s eleven now.

And we’d like to end tonight with Marcia Haynes “helper” who likes this position whenever Macia starts to sew.

Thank all of you for posting your Critter Pics… cats and dogs on quilts or helping us quilt!

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