Caterday Quilts: April 20

It may be Caterday, but who can resist Tracy Wagner’s Roxy, a 95 lb Lab very happy under Tracy’s “Bahama Mama” quilt. Tracy writes, “Not only humans, but dogs too, find comfort in quilts.”


Quilter Martha Plante discovered that her cat, Frankie, would get on any quilt she dropped down, so she made him one of his own. You can see Frankie at the top. Martha also says “God bless graph paper and glittery green fabric!” Notice the eyes on the quilt. They are glittery green.

Frankie likes his own quilt.

Heidi Benson‘s cat Beverly helps her pick out fabric. She’s partial to pink.


Polly Youll knows what her cat Sprocket is thinking, “No Mom, I wasn’t just laying on your quilt!”

Ernest N Gloria McGee write this about their cat Raschal, also known as “The Boss”, and the quilts…

Ithought I had them in a safe place but the cat found them. Usually she likes the white quilts the best. If she can’t find a white one then she loves the expensive ones next. We even made her a quilt to lay on but she still likes the others best. She is nearly 15 years old so we cut her some slack.

She looks like a spry 15!

Thank you all so much for posting photos of your critters with quilts, quilts of your critters, and critters helping to quilt.

Quilters tend to love all of creation.

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